For my daughter Tegan’s second birthday I decided to make her an Abby Cadabby cake. Since we were living in Okinawa by then I didn’t need to feed a crowd but I could not help myself from making both a cake and cupcakes. 

For the cake I made a strawberry cake with white icing. I then added the design of Abby to the top with colored icing. I used toothpicks to make the outlines. 

I also made cupcakes that looked like Cookie Monster and Elmo.

I started with red icing for Elmo and blue for Cookie Monster. I then took marshmellows and cut them in half and added a dot of black icing for the eyes. Next for the mouths I took Oreo cookies, opened, icing scraped off, and cut in half. I then added a blot of red for the tongue. Lastly I added in an M&M for the nose.

The result was a hit with my daughter, which was the most important thing. 

Have you made a Sesame Street cake? If so what did you do, leave a comment and share.

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