Living overseas it is hard to give grandparents something special that they will be able to cherish for a lifetime. I am always looking for ways to include my girls in making a gift for them. When my 5 year old brought home a painting she made at school for me and I saw her handprint in white on top of another color, I had a great idea. I would make a hand print painting for each grandparent of each girls hand, but I wanted the girls to be more involved. So I thought why not have them paint below the hand print. 

First thing first I needed to find the canvases to paint. I lucked out and found some smaller perfectly sized canvases at a local store. 

Next I had both my girls go to town painting whatever they wanted on each canvas. It was a lot easier for my 5 year old, but I know my 1 year old had a blast getting messy.

I gave each a variety of acrylic paint colors to use.

For my 1 year old I placed a dot of paint on the canvas.

 I then put the whole board in front of my 1 year old and let her go to town moving it all around.
I then let this dry for a couple of hours. Next we needed to add the handprint. To do this I squirted white paint onto a paper plate and had each girl put their hand in it then transferred it to the painting. This part did involve a lot of help from mommy and daddy.

We let the paintings dry for a couple of days and are really happy with the results. 

The grandparents were very happy with them as well. 

Have you made a grandparent gift that involved your kids? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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