If you are like me you probably over buy produce, especially peppers. I always see the bright colors and just can’t resist buying them. However, that leaves me with an abundance of peppers in the house. I have started becoming creative in ways to use them. Here I will share with you what I call “Shipwreck Scramble.” The name came about because basically it is full of leftover stuff in my fridge, aka shipwreck items.

I started first by pan frying some chopped up turkey bacon until it just started to crisp or darken in color.

Next I added in diced bell pepper of a variety of colors. I really like the red, orange, and yellow ones. 

Once the peppers were cooked a little, I went to work on my egg moisture.

I scrambled together 7 eggs and 1/2 cup of milk with salt and pepper. 

I then added the egg mixture to the skillet full of bacon and peppers.

I went to work scrambling the eggs.

Once they were almost done I added to the top 4 slices of American Cheese, then scrambled them into the eggs.

Once the eggs were done and dishes out on our plates I added sliced avocado.

Then final touch was to top it with salsa. 

Then end result was delicious and I know it is something we will be having more of in my house. 

Do you have a favorite scramble mixture? If so leave a comment and share what you do.

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