So for this year I decided to challenge myself a little more when decorating a bowling pin. I wanted to make something that didn’t really look like a bowling pin when finished. I started by looking up ideas and saw a really neat dragon bowling pin that used the pin at the body of the dragon and used a pipe on top to make a neck. I loved this idea, but decided to go a different direction than a dragon. I decided to try making Terry and Terri Perry from Monsters University. 

I first started by sketching out what I was thinking.

I then went on the hunt for materials. For the necks I needed up finding gas can hoses.

I will talk more about what else I used when I get to the specific parts. To start the pin I started by washing off then painting the entire pin white.

I find the rustoleum spray paint to work great. I let the paint dry overnight. Next with my husbands help we drilled two holes into the top of the pin that matched the width of a larger rubber hose I purchase to make the legs with. 



I then put the hose in the holes and secured it with hot glue.


These would be used to secure and support the gas can hose peices that will act as the neck. But before we talk about attaching the necks we need to address how I made the heads. I started with a balloon attached to the top of the hose with tape.

I then went to work putting paper mache on the two balloons and neck peices in the shape of the monsters heads. If you have never paper mached before it is really easy, but messy. Basically you take strips of paper and dip it in a half and half mixture of white glue and water – then place it on the balloon.


These took about a day to dry before I attempted to attached them. To attached I used hot glue on the tube and hose.

Once the heads were attached I went to work on the arms and legs.

While at the local 100 yen or dollar store I came across some Mickey Mouse hand tongs that I thought would be great for the monster hands.

My husband used tin snips and cut off the metal parts for me.

Once they were cut I inserted two matched up into a rubber tube.

I used electrical tape to secure the hand to the tube and keep it from falling out.

I then wrapped the hand sections to make them look less like Mickey hands. Next I took the finger tip from white garden gloves to use on the legs.

I stuffed the finger tip with pillow fluff to round it out and make it more puffy.

Next I attached it to another hose with electrical tape to secure it and give the hose a tentacle look.

In all I ended up making 4 arms and 8 legs.

I then went to work painting each with acrylic paint. It took several coats to fully cover the tape. One trick I discovered was to add a little white paint to the colors to help them have a smoother less streaky finish when dried.

At the same time I went ahead and painted the pin and two heads.

Once all the items were dry I used a power drill and screws to attach the arms and legs.

Next I painted more of the faces on Terry and Terri.

After I finished painting the faces, I went to work on the sweater. I actually used a green hand towel for the main part and dark green gloves for the trim. I hand sewed the items onto the pin since fitting it over the arms and heads would be impossible. It did take awhile, but it was worth it.


For the final touch I cut the OK for the sweater out of yellow felt I had.  I used a green fabric pen to add in a faux stitch look around the edges.

I used hot glue to attach it to the front of the sweater.


I was really happy with the end result. And compared to some of my other pins it was actually the biggest and tallest I have made so far, I would say it is probably the most complex as well.


Have you made a decorated bowling pin? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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