When I realized my 1 year old like Care Bears an idea formed. I wanted to try my hand at making her Care Bear themed shoes. I found some slip on canvas shoes at a local store and the idea started to become reality.

I first started by finding Care Bear images online and sketching out a few to make sure I would be able to sketch them on the shoes.

Next I used a black fabric pen and sketched a Care Bear on the front of each shoe.

Next I used colored fabric pens to fill them it.

I liked the look of them by themself, but really what is a Care Bear without clouds.

So I added some clouds and stars. The final touch was to spray them withstainguard spray to water seal them as best I could.

I loved the end result and so did my daughter. 

Have you decorated your own shoes? If so leave a comment and let me know what you did.

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