Since we recently changed our bedspread from dark black colors to a brighter teal and white chevron quilt I had the idea that I wanted to add more color pop and detail to our bedroom in the form of another painting. I decided to use the same colors I used in my damask and chrysanthemum paintings only this time decided to go with a chevron base pattern.  

 I started first by drawing the the lines for the chevrons on the canvas in pencil. I found using a ruler helpful in achieving clean lines. 

Next I started painting in the sections with acrylic paint.
I alternated the colors going up the canvas. 

I decided to put two coats of paint in each section to give a smoother look. I liked the end result.

After I let that dry I went to my Silhouette Design software and set up the previous damask pattern I used to print out again. 

I printed the design out on card stock paper to keep it from bleeding through when I used it as a stencil on the canvas. 

 After the cutting was finished I used the separating tool and punched out the damask stencil.

Next I cut out each damask section and using scotch tape taped them to the canvas.

Next I went to work painting each stencil section with black and dark grey paint.

I really liked the end result and how the damasks were not completely perfect, they had more of a stamped feel to them.

I added the painting to a bare wall in my bedroom and love the result.

Have you made your own unique painting using a silhouette machine or stencils? If so leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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