For my daughter Tegan’s 4th Birthday we finally hit the Princess phase most little girls go through. This was going to be her first “friend” party and I wanted to do something fun and easy. I started looking around online for ideas and came across a Disney Princess Cupcake Stand on Amazon. Once I saw it the decision was made to make cupcakes for her party. (Which worked out great since I was 9 months pregnant by that time with my second daughter.) 

I also found princess cupcake liners on Amazon that I used to bring more decor to the party. But the design faded when baked in. I recommend if you plan to use them, bake in a plain white liner then add the decorated one after. 

I made white and chocolate cupcakes and iced them with vanilla icing (colored purple) and strawberry icing. 

For my daughter’s actual birthday at home I made her a mini doll cake. At that time my daughters favorite princess was Cinderella so it was a no brainier which princess I would make. 

I used a 1 cup glass bowl (the pampered chef 1 cup prep bowl worked great) to make the cake skirt. For the doll I used a Cinderella Magic Clip doll. I then mixed blue food coloring with vanilla icing and covered the chocolate cake with it to make Cinderella’s ball gown.

My Daughter loved it and was so excited to get her own personal princess cake. 


Have you made princess themed cakes? If so leave me a comment and let me know all about it.

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