When I realized my husband wanted to start collecting studio Ghibli items for his desk at work, I had the idea of trying to make him some paintings of some of the supporting characters. Before I jump into what I did with the paintings let me first explain what studio Ghibli is. It is an animated studio that is a subset of Disney. They are famous for the fact that all the animations used in the movies are hand drawn. Additionally, the stories produced by the studio are very thought provoking and beautiful. My husband who he been a huge fan of Japanese anime for years loves these movies and has shared his love with our daughter who is always asking to watch them over more traditional Disney movies. If you have never seen a Studio Ghibli movie I recommend trying out one of the four I chose as the subject for my paintings. These are the more tame stories that are kid friendly.

The first is My Neighbor Totoro Movie details link.

I started first by sketching the picture I wanted to create on a paper. I decided to try my hand at the Cat Bus and the two smaller Totoros.

Then using a soft pencil I re-sketched the design onto a 5×7 canvas.

The next one was from the movie Howls Moving Castle. Movie details link. I decided to go with the fire demon who added a lot of comic relief to the movie, Calcifer. 

Again I first sketched on paper.

I then re-sketched it on another 5×7 canvas.

The next movie I wanted a character from is Kiki’s Delivery Service. Movie details link.

I opted to go with Kiki’s cat Gigi. I tried various versions before deciding on the one I wanted.

Again I re-sketched him onto a canvas.

The last movie I wanted an image from was Castle in the Sky. Movie details link.

I wanted to see if I could do one of the robots from the castle and after seeing my paper sketch I was really excited.

I re-sketched it onto canvas.

As this was the last painting I wanted to do I laid them all out together to get an idea what they would look like all together.

I went to work painting each one using the same method I have in past blogs about paintings. Basically, starting with colors then finishing each by outlining the designs to give it more definition.

I was really happy with the results and my husband was really excited to display them at work. 

Have you painted  favorite character? If so leave me a comment and tell me what you did.

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