A couple of weeks ago I tried making baked apple chips and although they were good, they didn’t get as crispy as I was hoping for. So I started thinking about what else I could do, then the idea of dehydrating apples popped into my head. I have seen dehydrators in the past but hadn’t really thought about getting one. I started looking around online about them and decided to buy one. I opted for the Nesco American Harvest model available on Amazon. 

Once it arrived I lost no time trying out some apple chips. I started by coring then slicing two large red apples using my pampered chef simple slicer on number 2. Once they were sliced I tossed them lightly in a little lime juice to slow the oxidation process. I then spread them out on the trays. I sprinkled about half of them with a little cinnamon. 

 I then set the dehydrator to 135 degrees and let it go to work for the next 8 hours.


I stored the end results in mason jars as suggested on several dehydrating sites I reviewed before starting. 

The end result was amazing and has not only become my go to snack but also my daughters. Bonus they are a great healthy snack.

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