For my daughter Tegan’s 5th birthday this year I decided to make 2 cakes, one for her actual birthday and one for her party. The one for her actual birthday was an Ariel Doll cake. Instead of making a mini cake again I opted to try for a larger cake this year. 

I sketched out my idea for the cake before starting and I recommend doing it too if you can. (Even though I did not follow the exact design, it was nice to start with an idea.) 

I started by baking a chocolate cake in my small batter bowl (made by pampered chef) and a 1 cup prep bowl. 

I then added the Ariel doll in the middle of the cake and added chocolate frosting to the outside. (I recommend if you plan to use fondant that you don’t use chocolate frosting underneath in case there is a mishap and the fondant rips. It is easier to fix.)

Once iced I went to work mixing green and blue food coloring into the white Wilton fondant I purchased.

I smoothed it out on my pastry mat. 

I wrapped it around the cake. I did learn that you don’t want to roll the fondant too thinly as it will them start to droop and rip when layed on the cake. It happened to me especially on the front of my cake, so I had to make a few alterations to my original design. 

Once the fondant was placed I added in green and pink icing to both add character and cover my mistakes. 

My daughter loved the end result and was so surprised by it. 

Have you made a full size princess doll cake? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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