Back when I was a little girl character pillows were very popular. I am not talking the new kind that are akin to pillow pets, but the kind that were essentially a shaped pillow that had the character on the material. One day while on eBay I came across some fabric panels for care bear pillows. Since both my daughters like Care Bears I decided to bid.

Lucky for me I won the auction and when the panels arrived I was able to make the pillows (with my 5 year olds help of course).

This is what a panel looked like.

To make it you cut out the bear on the dotted line.

You inverse the cut outs and pin them together. 

Using my brother sewing machine I went to work stitching the pillows. 


 I made sure to leave an opening at the bottom to allow me to flip the pillow right side and stuff it.

 This is where my helper came in. I had her get to work stuffing the pillows.

 Once the pillows were stuffed I went to work hand stitching the bottom open part.

Both my girls loved the end results and they each sleep with one or more each night now. 

Have you made a pillow character? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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