Recently we decided to bring back out the play house I made out of cardboard for my first daughter, so that she and our second daughter could play together. They love it, but I felt bad that my first daughters name was on the house in foam letters. I started looking around online but the coast for more letters to do my other daughters name was going to cost a lot more than I was willing to spend, so I started thinking about ways I could do it myself. Then I remembered I had in my art stash some flexible foam sheets and the idea was set.

I started with two sheets of green foam paper that I freehand traced my daughter Brynna’s name onto.

I cut out each letter. Next I remembered that I had purchased some glitter glue pens. Since my other daughters name was sparkly I wanted to try and make the second name a little like it.

I squeezed some of the purple glitter glue onto each letter.

I then used a paint brush to spread it out.

I then let the letter dry for several hours. I actually let mine sit overnight to make sure the glue was dry.

Once the letters were dry, I cut strips of double sided tape and stuck them to each letter and to the house. Unfortunately, my second daughter saw the new letters and made it her mission to rip them all off.

So as a more secure option, I used some super glue and re-stuck them on.

I am hoping the super glue will be able to stand the test of my daughter when she sees the letters again. But at least for a little time their house now has both names on it. And it only cost me the couple of dollars I spent on materials. I would say that is much better than several dollars or letter as I was originally facing.

Have you made your own foam shapes or letters before? If so leave a comment and share.

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