When my daughter said she wanted a princess party I thought I could just get away with having cake since the party was going to be starting at 2pm. That is normally between meals so most people don’t expect food. However after thinking about it for awhile, I decided I should off snacks too. If the other little kids coming were anything like my Tegan they would be hungry and want to snack. 

I thought about something I could do that would be easy and stick with the theme. (I am definitely a theme based person.) My husband suggested I just open a bag of chips and put that out. I wanted it a little more than that, but that got me thinking, was there something easy I could just buy and open that could be princess themed. A quick Google search really got the idea juices flowing. I found some people that used Goldfish crackers and called them “Ariel’s Fishy Friends.” Once I saw that the snacks took form.

I knew I would still be limited to what I could find locally at the store but here is a list of what I ended up serving and its corresponding name.

Ariel’s Fishy Friends – goldfish crackers

Rapunzel’s Rope – Twizzlers

Aurora’s Pillows – Marshmellows 

Snow White’s Kiss – Hersey Kisses

Pocahontas Trail Mix – Munchies chip blend

Mulan’s Bokken – Pretzel Rods

Jasmine’s Juice – Juice Boxes

Belle’s Bananas – Banana Chips

Elsa’s Ice Cookies – Frosted Oatmeal Cookies

Tiana’s Treats – Princess Fruit Snacks

Merida’s Arrows – Carrot and Celery Sticks with dip

Cinderella’s Pumpkins – Peeled Manadrin Oranges

After I figured out the snacks the next thing was to make the cards to put with them. I found images online and printed the names on white cardstock I already had. Lastly, I looked for plates, bowls, and containers that would work with the princess pink theme. I lucked out and found what I needed at a local 100 yen store, you could check a dollar store stateside. 

The snacks were a huge hit and went great with the Princess Castle cake. My daughter loved the whole display and was so excited to show it to all her friends. 

Have you thrown a themed party with snacks? Leave a comment and share what you did.

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