Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I love making elaborate dishes to share with my family. The only downfall is how long it can take at times, that is time I could be snuggling on the couch or playing with toys instead. Several years ago I came across a breakfast casserole that I like, but needed some tweaks. After several variations I came up with a family friendly winner.

The ingredients needed are as follows:

1lb sausage

1 cup frozen sliced peppers (you can use fresh too if you have them)

2 cups frozen shredded hash browns 

12 eggs

1 – 8oz package of shredded cheese

2/3 cup milk

I started first by browning the sausage.

For me the easiest and fastest way to do this is in the microwave (especially since all I want to do it brown it and am not worried about flavors yet). I use my pampered chef large steamer for the job and cook the meat for about 5 minutes stopping halfway to break it up.

While the meat is cooking I chop up the slides peppers in smaller peices. This is the type of peppers I use (mainly because it is the only frozen kind I can find at the Commissary on Okinawa).

Once the peppers are chopped, I start on the eggs. I whisk the 12 eggs and milk together first with salt and pepper.

Once it is mixed I add in the sausage.

Next I add the shredded hash browns and peppers.


Next I add in and mix about half the package of shredded cheese.

Once it is all mixed I transferred it to my pampered chef rock crock for cooking. I topped it with the remaining shredded cheese. 

At this point you can either put the dish in your fridge for breakfast the next morning (I do this for Christmas breakfast every year) or you can pop it right into the oven. Either way it will turn out great. I bake mine at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until the edges get bubbly.

The casserole is a huge hit with everyone. And the best part is while it bakes I can spend time with my girls. 

Do you have a favorite breakfast casserole? If so leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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