Since moving into my new house (which has every wall covered in wall paper – making indoor vinyl wall decals impossible) I have not had much use for my silhouette cameo cutting vinyl. Until I remembered that during one of my vinyl buying binges before moving I had actually bought some outdoor vinyl too. 

I love the Star Wars family decals I have on my car, but my husband said he was not into family decals. At least that is what he said until I ran the idea of a Totoro family past him. It would be something unique and would work great while we live in Japan were most people will understand the images. Once I has his agreement that he would in fact put them on his van, I set to work finding images and cutting the decals.

I started with finding sketches of the Totoros and other creatures I wanted to create in vinyl online. I then copied each image into the design studio and used the “trace” feature to trace the image. 

I then resized the image to what I wanted for the final decal and set the cutter to the appropriate cut setting and let it do its thing.

I repeated this same process for all the different images and decals we wanted for his van. I made sure to have some extras incase there was a mishap when installing.

Once they were all cut out and the excess vinyl removed, we added the transfer paper to each to help with installation. The transfer paper is similar to masking tape, but luckily I actually had some real transfer paper that came with the vinyl.

After they were all prepped my husband went to work installing them on his van.

We were both very happy with the end result and my daughters loved them. 



Have you made your own car decals? If so what did you make, leave a comment and share.

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