For my Daughter Tegan’s 5th Birthday Party with friends she decided she wanted a princess Castle Cake. The idea started when I found and showed my daughter a castle decor set from Amazon

I then looked online for ideas on ways to use the set and sketched out a design.

Two days before the party I went to work baking the actual cakes. For the bottom layer I made a 9×13 size chocolate cake. I learned the hard way, if you want a full 9×13 cake – use 2 cake mixes in one pan instead of just 1 mix. Needless to say I ended up making 2 single box 9×13 cakes. I also baked 8×8 size cakes for the top layer in strawberry. Here too I learned you should use 1 mix per pan to get a full cake. Here is a comparison of a full cake pan and one that only had half a mix.

The next night I went to work decorating the cakes. I started by layering the two chocolate cakes that had been cooled overnight in the fridge. 

I used a cake leveler to even out the cakes.

Input icing between the two layers to bind them together. 

After the two layers were together I iced the whole thing.

I set it aside and went to work making the pink fondant. I used the white Wilton fondant.

I mixed pink food coloring with the fondant.

Once it was all mixed together. I went to work rolling it out.

I then layed the fondant on top of the cake.

Once smoothed out and trimmed, I added some texture to the fondant finish. I used a paring knife and added “bricks.” 

Next I put together the layers for the top. I put them all on another cake board I cut to the 8×8 size to help the cake from falling into the bottom layer. I also used cookie sticks that I cut to the bottom layer size and put in the cake to keep the top layer up.

I covered the top layer with more fondant and copied the same style as the bottom. I placed the top on top and went to work decorating. I added hot pink icing around the bottom and top edges of each layer and filled in the area joining the two layers. 

I added a few more decor accents and put the happy birthday message. 

I waited until the cake was at the place we were having the party before adding  and securing the final touches and the decor items I purchased.

My daughter loved the end result and all her little friends were so excited to eat a castle cake. 

Have you attempted to make a castle cake? If so leave me a comment and share what you did. 

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