About the time I made my youngest daughter her Carebear shoes I also made my oldest princess ones. The problem was the end result of the princess shoes was not something I was happy with. 

Since I used my fabric pens for the first attempt, I decided to try using acrylic paints for the second. I started by covering the drawn sections with a lighter pink paint.

Once dry I sketched the first shoe with Aurora on top of the painted section with pencil.

I then painted in the larger sections.

I then put the finishing touches on with a very thin brush.

Next I went to work on the Ariel shoe, following the same process.

Once both the shoes were dry I sprayed them with an acrylic finishing spray.

I let them dry. Then sprayed them again with scotch guard.

 I liked my second attempt at the shoes much better than the first and my daughter loves them.

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