For my youngest daughter’s first birthday I decided to make her a Carebear cake. Since her older sister got a special castle and doll cake the week before I knew I wanted to try and make her something special too. Since it would just be us celebrating at home I didn’t want to make anything crazy, but I wanted to give her something special. Since she showed interest in carebears I decided to make her a Carebear cake and smash cake. Since we weren’t having a party (mainly because we love overseas away from family) I at least wanted smash cake photos.

I started by baking a basic white cake in round cake pans, about 8-9 inch size, for the main cake and another in a glass Pyrex dish that was about 5-6 in around. I could have bought smaller cake pans, but thought I might not use them again. Why not use what I had already. I will talk to each cake one at a time.

I used a white frosting to ice the outside of the double layered cake.

To know what I wanted to try and make on the cake I sketched out a design. (I did switch which Carebear I did, but the design stayed the same.) 

Instead of making my own colored icing I opted to go easier and just bought pink strawberry frosting.

I started by outlining the Carebear body on the top of the main cake, I used a Wilton icing tip that was fine to get the lines better.

Next I filled in the outline with more pink.

Next I used icing writers and gel icing to add in the details.

I found the icing writers were easier to use than the gel, but I used what I could find. 

Next I used some marshmallow fluff to make puffy clouds on the top. I recommend adding this just before eating instead of the night before. The marshmallow fluff will run if left to long. I learned this the hard way.

I outlined the clouds with blue and added in a couple of stars. What is a Carebear without clouds and stars.

Then I finished off the cake with a writing and a pink broader on top and the bottom.

For the smash cake, I followed a similar procedure. I started with icing the cake with white.

The smash cake was a little simpler. I started with the pink boarders then using the icing writers added a rainbow to represent cheer bears belly.

I did two rows of each color. To smooth it out and make it less lined I used my fingertip with a little water.

The end result was perfect for a smash cake.

My daughter had a blast with her smash cake.

And seemed to really like her birthday cake.

(You can see in the photo how the fluff oozed because I made the cake the night before.)

The end results were perfect for my daughter.

Have you made a first birthday or smash cake? Leave a comment and share what you did.

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