Back in 2008 I tried my hand at making flower bouquets. When I first started I was worried it would be really difficult, but I was getting married and decided to give it a try. Lucky for me back then I lived in the states and had access to a variety of craft and hobby stores were fake flowers were in abundance. I went to a couple before finding the flowers I wanted to use. I love calla lilies and really wanted them as my wedding flowers, but the cost of real calla lilies is pretty high so I opted to try fake calla lilies. 

I went easy on the design and opted for a hand ties bouquet look instead of the old fashion cascading bouquet that was popular in the 90s. 

I started by arranging the flowers how I wanted them to look in a bundle making sure to look at it from various angles including the top to ensure it had a realistic layered look.

Once I had them all bunched as I wanted I tied them together with green flower tape. I also used some hot glue to secure them to one another. Next I cut the bottom ends with wire snips to make them all the same length. Then final touch was to wrap the stems with a white ribbon using hot glue to secure it to the stems.

About a year after my wedding my husband was taking a wedding photography class and needed a bouquet prop to use with his models. Knowing that I had had luck with making bouquets for our wedding and all my bridesmaids, I accepted the challenge and ventured to make another bouquet, this time I wanted to try a round rose bouquet.

I followed a similar process in picking flowers to use. I am sure I wandered around the store matching all sorts of colors and accent foliage to the roses before I found a combination that I liked. Before buying I bundled all the flowers together to ensure I would have enough to make the round bouquet I wanted.

Once home I went to work bundling them in a ball like shape. Since the bouquet was bigger than the calla ones I made for my wedding I used rubber bands to secure the flowers as I added more and more to the bouquet to bring the shape to life. I worked in foliage accent pieces here and there in the bouquet to add a little more depth. Before using the green tape and hot glue to make the bouquet permanently secure I again checked it from all angles, especially the top.

Once I liked the look, I trimmed off the ends,  added the tape and hot glue, then used ribbon to wrap the stems and add a hand tied look. 

I was happy with the end result and it added a more realistic look to the bridal photos my husband shot for his class. 

Have you made flower bouquets? If so leave a comment and share your experience.

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