While attending a 5 year old birthday at the base arts and craft center, I discovered the joy of painting ceramic. Granted during the birthday party it was my daughter painting her mermaid with me fidgeting behind her and jumping in occasionally when she needed help painting in the lines (what can I say I am a bit of a control freak), and way she had a blast and that got me thinking about ways I could do it at home. 

I then found out I could buy unpainted figures from the shop. I was in heaven. That day I think I did good only leaving with a Christmas Noel train and another mermaid. My older daughter really wanted her baby sister to have a mermaid too. 

Well a little time went by before I remembered I had the mermaid to paint still. I decided to have a go and chronicle what I did for anyone else venturing to paint ceramics at home.

I started with the unpainted piece and started by painting the larger areas first. 

For the mermaid this would be the tail. I then went on the paint the stone she was sitting on and her skin.


Next I worked on filling in some of the accent peices. (I opted to wait on painting the hair as I was using this part of the figure to hold it while painting and moving it around.)

The last part I painted was the hair. My daughter wanted the mermaid to be another redhead like Ariel, but since my girls are blondes I opted for a blonde mermaid.

 Once the acrylic paint had a chance to set for awhile I took the price outside to coat it with a sealing spray. 

I found after spraying my 5 year old’s Ariel one that it makes it looks smoother and seal the paint.

Even though it wasn’t another Ariel, both my girls really like the finished mermaid and both want to pick out more peices mommy can paint for them. 

Have you painted ceramics before? Leave a comment and share what you did.

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