French toast is a staple breakfast food in my house. Normally it turns into a big mess though because I let my girls have Nutella on top, which they love. I started wondering if there was a way to make chocolate French toast. While cleaning out my pantry I came across hot chocolate mix and and idea formed. Instead of other flavors and sugar in the batter I could use the hot chocolate mix.

I started with the normal 4 eggs I use for our French toast.

I then added 1/2 cup of milk and a pinch of salt.

  Next I added 1/2 cup of hot chocolate mix. If you have packets this would be about 2 packets.
I mixed it all together until it looked like a chocolate frothy mixture.

Next I placed my sliced bread into the mixture and dunked and flipped it to get it evenly coated.

The last step was to cook it stovetop. I normally cook it on medium low heat for about 4-5 minutes, turning them halfway through. You will want them to just start to brown. (With chocolate French toast this is a little more difficult but not impossible to see.)

 For my girls I used an awesome Totoro cookie cutter I found on etsy to cut them into fun shapes. 


For me and my husband I just sprinkled powdered sugar on top. 

The end result was delicious and my girls didn’t miss the Nutella and I didn’t miss the mess that went with it.

Have you made special French toast? If so leave a comment and share.

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