Looking in my fridge while trying to come up with dinner, I noticed I had peppers. I wanted to use them but wasn’t in the mood for fajitas. Then I noticed a container of my homemade Italian sausage and left over rice. All it took was check my pantry for diced tomatoes to come up with my dinner plans.

I started by  cutting the tops off of and cleaning out the peppers.


Next I browned the sausage and added the leftover rice (about 1 cup cooked) to the sausage.

I added the diced tops to the mixture.

The last ingredient I added was diced fire roasted tomatoes.

I mixed half the can in with the mixture and left the rest to top with.

I sprinkled Mozerella cheese on top just before baking.

I baked them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. The end result was amazing and tasty.

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