We recently moved to Arizona, and the new house we purchased came with several left “surprises.” One of which was a large gold rectangluar mirror. Another was the fact that the previous owns took with them one of the bathroom sink mirrors. Well that got me thinking of ways to use what we had. Although the mirror was too big for the sink, I figured I could try to let go of my need for everything to be perfectly sized and go with a more chic feel.

The major draw back was that the mirror was gold and I am not a gold frame kinda person. So I decided to try and paint it. 

I laid it out on cardboard to keep from painting my new garage floor. I then taped up the mirror right around the edge.

Using a sponge brush first I put on a coat of paint.

Because of the texture underneath the paint went on streaky so I knew it would need a second coat. I waited about 2 hours then applied the second coat.

I then removed the painters tape. It is good to remove it right after painting so it doesn’t stink to the paint and rip it off later if you wait.  I let it dry completely. (Overnight worked for me.)

I then added it to my bathroom. I just love the pop of color that the mirror now adds

Have you upcycled a mirror before? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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