So my older daughter, much to our surprise, lost her first tooth while we were in a temporary rental house. I honestly had not given too much thought to how to leave her teeth for the tooth fairy, because I expected to have another year or so. (Didn’t realize they can start to fall out around 5.5 years old.) so when hers fell out I was at a loss for how to make this a special event for her. I didn’t have any of my normal sewing or crafty items, they were all still in transit.

So I started looking around at what I had laying around the house that we had brought with us. My younger daughter was done using burp cloths, but I had two with us just incase. And then I realized I had my travel sewing kit I carry in my purse. My imagination ran from there.

This is the sewing kit I had to use.

I removed the outside edge from the burp cloth and separated the white part from the striped one. 

I then traced a “tooth” on the white part.

Next I cut out the “tooth”.

I positioned it on the striped and cut off the excess material.

I then pinned the tooth to the striped material on one side.

I decided I wanted it to look stitched on, so I used a darker thread and stitched the tooth on.

Next I turned it inside out and pinned and stitched up the sides. 

I wanted to be able to cinch close the top to help hold the tooth in. Luckily I had a shopping bag leftover that had a tie on the top. I cut it off and put it to a good repurposing.

I then added in the strap and pinned the top sections. Then I added in a stitch below the strap making sure it could move around freely. 

I turned it back to the correct direction. I loved the end result and the best part was so did my daughter.

Now she was a keepsake she can use each time she looses a tooth.

Have you made a tooth fairy bag? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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