Since we recently moved, I have been faced with the new challenge of organizing all the new spaces. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to minimize the amount of space my girls toys take up. While staring at the family room (the room I relegated all their toys too), I realized they have a ton of puzzles. If you are familiar with kids puzzles they come in all shapes and sizes and the boxes typically take up a ton of room. I started trying to think of a way to organize them better.

For the normal box puzzles pictured above, I decided to put them into bags instead. I lucked out just after the start of the school year and found large pencil and document bags that were relatively inexpensive.

The larger “floor” puzzles went into the larger document bags. To make sure my girls still know what the puzzle end results are supposed to look like, I cut out the image from each box and stuck it inside the bags.

The amount of room the new storage solution saves was amazing. The other dilemma I was faced with was what to do with the wood puzzles I have. My youngest loves them and I was tired of constantly searching through a box for all the pieces. 

Instead of pencil bags, I thought about something that would let my daughter see what she was looking at too. Lucky for me I came across laundry bags at the dollar store.

These were the perfect size for the wooden puzzles. 

Now we can keep the puzzles organized and my daughter loves it. Not to mention it makes sticking them in our Ikea Trofast a whole lot easier.

Do you have creative ideas for puzzle storage? If so leave a comment and share.

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