After realizing just how many stuffed animals my girls have between the two of them I started trying to think of a way to store them that wouldn’t take up too much space. 

I already have the pop-up laundry hamper full in each bedroom AND a ceiling net full. So I had to come up with something else. While walking through the store my eye was caught by a bean bag and an idea formed. Why not use the bean bag shell and just stuff it with animals? I purchased one bag to give it a try.

I removed the beans and washed out the inside.

Once it was dry the fun part started. Choosing which animals to stuff in. I woukd recommend going with animals that are mostly stuffing and that don’t have electronic parts since you will still use it as a chair.

Above is a photo of some of the animals I opted to NOT stuff In because they had electronics or hard parts. The amount of animals we were able to stick inside was crazy. 

The end result was a great storage solution that also works as a chair.

Do you have a creative storage solution for stuffed animals? If so leave a comment and share.

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