With the variety of Christmas stockings available in stores nowadays the fine art of stocking designing has taken a backseat. Instead anyone can walk into a store and buy a stocking for a reasonable price. The downside is, it is not personalized. 

Well last year my husband wanted to give his Okinawan employees something special for Christmas. We thought about it and decided to get them each a stocking, since they didn’t have one. I looked and found two really cute designs at the store, but we wanted to make them more personal. 

So I busted out my Brother sewing machine and went to work free-hand embroidering their names. 

I started first by picking a corresponding color for the name.

Next I set my machine to a zigzag stitch. 

I then lowered the feet so I could easily move the stocking around. You will find the lower switch on the back of the machine.

Before starting to sew, I used safety pins and pinned down and out of the way the back part of the stocking. I wanted to embroider only the front and not accidentally stitch the entire thing closed.

Once pinned, I went to work slowly stitching their names on the stockings.

Although the finished products aren’t perfect my husbands employees really liked them. And now they will always have something to remember him by. 

Have you personalized a stocking? Leave a comment and share what you did.

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