So I know it has been awhile since my last post, time just seemed to fly once we move to AZ.  However, I figured what better way to restart things than to share a quick and easy hack I recently did for my girls play room.

 We have a ton of interactive fridge magnets, but most fridges now a days aren’t metal on the front leaving us with very limited space for our kids to play on. That got me thinking of ways I could still use the magnetics only elsewhere. Years ago we purchased some grey metal boards that my husband had hanging in his office with his photos attached. However, since moving his new office wasn’t as conducive to this decor. So I decided to grab one for the girls room. 

I am not sure if IKEA still sells it or not, but another idea I had was to take a large metal cookie sheet (you could gen paint it) and use it in the same way. 

I then measured and attached it to the side of our three tiered IKEA Trofast toy storage. Once hung we ended up with the perfect height magnetic interactive board for our two girls to play on. 

My girls love it and it was so simple to arrange for them. Do you have easy kid hacks? If so leave a comment below and share.

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