I have painted many different princess canvases for my daughters rooms, but I decided to try out a different medium. Especially since we just moved into a new house. This time I decided to try out water color pencils. 

I started with two square blank white canvases, a pencil, and water color pencils. 

I found the two images I wanted on the canvases and freehand sketched them onto the canvases with a regular pencil. 

Next I took the color pencils and “colored” the pictures. 

After the two painted were colored with the pencils I used a paint brush dipped in water to blend the pencils and give the paintings a water color look. 

I loved the end result and my six year old who loves Ariel and Melody (Ariel’s daughter) was really happy.

The last step I did was spray them both with a finishing spray to make sure they set. 

Have you used water color pencils before? If so leave a comment and share what you did.

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