So my new team at work is all about trying to loose weight. They have done several challenges that the biggest loser at the end gets a prize, but this doesn’t seem to actually cause a lifestyle shift. So I started trying to think of something that would motivate the participants to do better everyday. My solution was to come up with a floating trophy/award that would be presented each week (after everyone weighed in). The struggle was to figure out what to use or make. Then an idea popped into my head. My husband had this giant Chewbacca pez dispenser that has just been sitting in a box for years. Why not use that and make a “Chew-less” Award. (I know I am a geeky nerd, but at least I own it well.)

I started with the pez dispenser and removed it from the packaging.

Next I took bright gold spray paint (because seriously – everyone wants a gold trophy right?)

I then sprayed the entire outside of the pez dispenser.

I also had found at Walmart a small wooden crown that I thought would work perfectly as a trophy. I also spray painted the entire thing gold.

Once they were both dry I went to work making the award plaque. I had recently purchased myself a wood burning kit, but had yet to use it so I decided to try it out.

I tried free handing the letters, but that turned out bad so I opted to use the letter burning stamps I had.

I stamped on what I wanted it to say. “Chewless Award.” 

Once that was done and the wood cooled, I used a black sharpie to fill in the letters to have them stand out.

Lastly I used hot glue and attached the award plate to the front of the pez dispenser. 

The end result was a cute surprise for my team and it has helped to motivate us to try each day to make healthier food choices. I can proudly say I have won it a couple of times. 

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