So for Halloween last year we decided to dress up as a family in Studio Ghibli characters. (Both my girls love the movies.) I will post in the future how I put together the girls and my costumes or cosplay, but this post I will start with something easy. When I started searching for a witches broom, I had a very hard time finding a full size one that was not astronomically priced. That got me wondering if I could make my own.

I wandered around the local hardware store and found a broom I could use to make one.

The end was flat, but I didn’t let that deter me from trying.

I started by cutting off the string tying it together.

I then used wire cutters to remove the metal piece that was holding it flat.

I spread out the bristles and then I bunched them together in a bunch. With my husbands help (he held while I tied), I tied strong string/twine around the bristles to keep them bunched like a witches broom.

The end result was the perfect witches broom for my Kiki’s Delivery Service costume.  Look for my blog in the coming weeks on how I put together my Kiki costume. 

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