So when we decided to dress up like Studio Ghibli characters as a family for Halloween this past year, I decided being Kiki was a great idea (especially since my oldest wanted to be Jiji, her cat.) I knew that I would need a few things to make the costume work. 

To start I need a dark blue dress. I looked in stores, but I was not having luck – so I turned to turn one of my favorite places to look, Amazon.

I ended up purchasing this shift dress in navy. Tabeez Shift Dress

The next thing I needed was a bag. My hubby and I went back and forth about what color it needed to be, but I ended up going after an orange messager bag.  Sling Crossover Bag

The red slip on shoes I was able to find locally at Walmart (although that ended up being somewhat of a bad idea from a comfort stand point when I started walking around in them.)  Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to the shoes since they were locally purchased.

The broom was a little tricky to find, and I ended up making my own (see my witches broom blog). 

The next part was her iconic red radio. I found this perfect one that we were able to upload the Theme song to. Red Radio

The red bow head band I actually had already, but you could easily take red ribbon and hot glue one together. My bow was made by folding thick red felt together. 

The last part was adding in a portable and small stuffed Jiji. The one I had actually came from Japan, but this was a close alternative. Stuffed Jiji

I was really happy with the end result and my girls got a kick out of the fact that mommy was their favorite wayward Witch, Kiki.