Since our family decided to dress up together as Studio Ghibli characters, we decided for my youngest to dress her up like Mae from My Neighbor Totoro. (Especially since my husband has a Totoro costume.) The for the next couple of posts I will walk through the different pieces I made to complete my daughters costume. For this post I will focus on the pink dress. Now I did not start off planning to make a dress. I honestly thought I would be able to find one for her, but finding a solid pink or red dress in a 2T dress did not seem to be possible. So that got me thinking of an easy way to make her a dress. I thought about buying fabric and going from scratch, but that would also require a pattern. Instead while walking through Michael’s I got the idea of using a t-shirt and modifying it into a dress.

I started first by trying it on my daughter and using safety pins to mark out the areas to cut away to make the shoulder straps.

Once I had the pins in, I removed it and went to work cutting up the shirt.

I started with the neckline and arms. 

I tried it on her again and pinned up the neckline and sides.

I removed excess material off the sides and stitched it up. 
I then added an elastic band to the bust line to give it form.

Once I had that stitched I tried it on my daughter again.

I then pinned the excess material around the neck and added elastic to both the front and back.

The last step was to hem the bottom.

I was really happy with the end result. 

And my daughter was super excited to have a “Mae” dress.

Stay tuned for my coming blogs to see what other elements I made and now I put together a “Mae” costume.

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