So part of my two year olds costume of Mae from My Neighbor Totoro required a yellow messenger bag.  I searched around, but had problems finding something that would work for a toddler sized messenger bag.  So instead I decided to try my hand at making my own.  I already had some yellow material in my material stash.  

I started by laying out the material and folding it over to get it to a good size for a bag.

The material was then pinned together and stitched up all the sides. Except one that will let the section be turned inside out then stitched together.

Next I cut a large strip of material that would serve as the strap. I folded it over and stitched it up. I then pulled it inside out to hide the stitches.

Next I attached the straps to the sides of the large stitched section and stitched them. Make sure to leave an extra section that can flap over the top to give the messenger look. 

Then I attached the top part of the strap. 

I loved the final result.

And what is even better was my two year old loves it (uses it all the time) and calls it her Totoro Purse.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more of the elements of a Mae Costume.

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