When my Dad was visiting us last Thanksgiving my sister and I were able to convince him to make us our Grandmothers Egg Gravy. I asked if I could share it and my Dad said yes. This is a food that completely reminds me of my Grandma.

First you start by frying some bacon in a large skillet. What you mainly want from this is the grease, but the bacon by product is just as amazing. 

Once the bacon is done you will want to scramble eggs.

You will add the eggs to the grease (the burner should still be on so the grease is nice and hot).

You will cook the eggs, stirring occassionally.

Do this until they are relatively firm.

Next you will add in flour and milk to make the gravy. You typically want to add them in about a 1:2 ratio. 1 being the milk and 2 the flour.

You will add and continue to stir until you get the amount and thickness of gravy you desire.

Served on biscuits the end result was like a walking back into my childhood.

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