Since we opted to do something small for our second daughter’s second birthday I decided I wanted to try and make her cake a little more gourmet. She loves chocolate and strawberries so I decided to try to combine the two.

I started with a basic chocolate cake. I can make a pretty mean chocolate cake from scratch but decided to go the easier route this year. And my daughter was so excited to pick out the chocolate cake mix from the store. 

I make the cakes as directed and let them cool.

Then I went to work making her cake. I started with the first layer of cake. And placed a layer of sliced strawberries along the entire top.

Next I took strawberry jam (heated it to soften it for about 10 seconds in the microwave) and poured it on top of the strawberries.

I then placed the second layer on top.

I then went to work trying to decorate. Since I wanted to try for a totoro cake I used white frosting instead of chocolate.

I covered the entire outside then used grey, black and green icing to create totoro. 

It wasn’t perfect but Brynna loved it. Which really is all that matters.

Have you classed up a cake? If so share below.

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