The last family costume I had to put together for this past Halloween was actually the easiest one, and the one that brought on the whole family costume idea in the first place. My oldest’ Jiji the cat costume. Jiji was the main character’s pet in the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

Honestly, the only element I had to “make” was the cat ears. I will walk you through what I did and then show you the end result complete with a photo of the family.

I started with a black cat ear headband and tail that I found at Walmart. 

First, I removed the black ribbon.

Since the inside of Jiji’s ears are purple I used some light purple felt and cut out a triangle to put inside the ears.

I fit the felt inside each ear.

I then used purple thread to stitch the felt to the ear. 

I was happy with the end result and so was my daughter.

To finish out her Jiji costume, I found a long sleeve black ballet leotard, paired it with black leggings and black slip on shoes. 

The final touch was to use face paint and give her a black nose and whiskers.

Her Jiji costume was the best compliment to my Kiki costume.

Our family Studio Ghibli cosplay/costumes were a hit and I could see this starting a future family costume trend.

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