Since my girls are younger I was looking for a fun and easy way to involve them in egg decorating. They both love to color and I have heard the wax from crayons doesn’t let the food coming set in so I decided to let them have a go. 

First and foremost I made sure the eggs were hard boiled and cooled. Then I gave each of them a couple of eggs and crayons.

My oldest, Tegan especially had a blast. 

Each girl has their favorite characters so I made each of them a special egg. For my youngest she wanted a Totoro egg.

I colored the front and a cute little behind on the back.

My oldest was a little more complex. She loves a lot of characters so she opted for a two faced egg. On the front she chose She-ra.

And on the back she wanted Sheeta from Castle in the Sky.

Once all the eggs were crayon colored on we went to work dipping them in the different cups of egg coloring.

The end results were a fun and unique way to personalize our colored Easter eggs.

Do you have an easy and fun way to color Easter Eggs? If so leave a comment and share.

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